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This is Hanna Lee, President of Sanhoo NYNJ.

When working as a caregiver, I found this to be the most valuable job to a mother’s health and the baby’s growth. It’s been 10 years since I started running Sanhoo NYNJ. While closely taking care of new moms, I listened to their difficulties about parenting and childbirth and thought about how I can do more than just taking care of them. 

Over 3000 mothers who I’ve met in the last 10 years were all focused on how to get healthy and proper baby products for their precious babies. And it never changed over the years. I had a lot of chances to try various baby and nursery goods for mother and baby’s health care, feeding, diapers, sanitizing needs, baby laundry, and more.  And I was able to find out the advantages and disadvantages of baby products. 

There was a lot of baby goods that moms want to get from Korea but was hard to get in the US so they had to ask family or friends. It was a long and inconvenient process. I figured unburdening the inconvenience is the best way to help future moms and families, and provided moms with selected Korean products at sanhoomall.com. I selected only must-have items, and picked the best Korean organic products. 

Selected each products preciously for mom’s happiness and baby’s health.

sanhoomall.com will be your helper.

Thank you very much.